Flow into fall with proper pool drainage

September 20, 2022

Public Service Announcement

With summer coming to a close, many homeowners are getting ready to pull the plug on their backyard pools. This season (and every season), do your part to protect our drinking water source, Okanagan Lake, by following proper pool drainage procedures. 

When draining pools, hot tubs or backyard water features at any time of the year, residents are reminded:

  • To drain to a dry area on their property over a long period of time, ensuring water stays on the property
  • To discharge the water at a low flow rate
  • To stop draining if it starts raining or the ground becomes saturated
  • To test pool water to ensure that no chlorine remains. If your water still has some residual chlorine, it should be dechlorinated before being drained
  • Not to drain directly into Okanagan Lake
  • Not to drain saltwater pools into the storm water collection system

Residents who are unsure about proper drainage are encouraged to contact the City's Water Quality department at 250-469-8887 before draining their pool or hot tub. Improper discharge of contaminated water can result in a fine of up to $2,000.  

For more information, visit kelowna.ca/stormwater.