Elector approval could pave the way for new road

February 1, 2018

Council will consider initiation of an Alternative Approval Process (“AAP”) Monday, Feb. 5, as required to authorize the proposed funding agreement associated with the accelerated construction of South Perimeter Road

“South Perimeter Road has been identified since 1995 in the City’s OCP, Road Network Plans and 2030 Infrastructure Plan for construction once warranted by residential density on the South Slopes,” said Johannes Saufferer, Real Estate Services Manager. “It is an important connection that will provide a third link in and out of the upper Mission.”

A development proposal to accelerate and construct SPR by the developer was brought to Council in 2015 and was approved after a community engagement results demonstrated general support for SPR to move forward earlier than anticipated.

As the next step in the delivery of the new road, should Council approve the initiation of the AAP, the City would seek electorate approval to proceed with an agreement with Ponds Ventures Inc. that redirects Development Cost Charges (DCCs) collected from the Southwest Mission sector towards repayment of construction costs for South Perimeter Road and the associated extension of Gordon Drive.

Staff proposes to seek approval for the proposed funding of SPR using the alternate approval process. Eligible City of Kelowna voters will be given 30 days to object to the funding terms. The AAP will pass if fewer than 10 per cent of elector’s object by 4 p.m. Friday March 16.

The 20-year Servicing Plan, Road Network Plan and Financing Strategy would be revised to prioritize South Perimeter Road, Gordon Drive extension and Stewart Road West improvements over other previously planned transportation improvements such as Lakeshore Road between Vintage Terrace to Dehart Road, upgrading the bridges over Bellevue creek at Lakeshore Drive and Gordon Drive and the extension of Frost Road to Chute Lake Road.

Visit kelowna.ca/cityprojects for additional project information and other opportunities to learn more about the initiative.