Don’t let your landscape become fuel for a fire

July 21, 2020
Public service announcement

Mother Nature has provided a healthy dose of hydration this spring, resulting in substantial vegetation growth. As she changes gears and begins to heat things up, the Kelowna Fire Department is asking residents to trim back any overgrown shrubbery as a proactive fire protection step.

“Thanks to the wet conditions we’ve experienced this year, grasses and trees have grown significantly,” said Rick Euper, Fire and Life Safety Educator for the Kelowna Fire Department. “With a warming trend underway, we are encouraging residents to trim the grasses and low vegetation away from structures and fence lines before they dry out and become a fuel concern.”

In addition to tidying greenery to help reduce ignition risk, the Kelowna Fire Department reminds Kelowna residents and visitors that open burning is not permitted on any public or private property in the City of Kelowna.

The Fire and Life Safety Bylaw restricts open fires in the City of Kelowna. There is no open burning permitted within City limits and fines start at $345. Campfires, pizza ovens, fire pits, Chimeneas and other outdoor wood burning appliances are not permitted at any time. Propane, natural gas and charcoal briquette fueled appliances are permitted.   

For more information about fire prevention or outdoor burning in the City of Kelowna, visit