Council to receive City’s Action Plan 2020

January 13, 2020

City Council received the City’s Action Plan 2020 for information today.

As part of the City’s commitment to strategic planning and clear direction, Action Plan 2020 outlines close to 100 projects and significant actions across all City divisions to deliver results aligned to Council Priorities.

“Collectively as an organization, annual action planning is one of the ways we are held accountable to the results Council has set out for their term and to the community’s Imagine Kelowna vision,” said Doug Gilchrist, Kelowna City Manager. “We are committed to transparency about what we are going to do in the year ahead and to measure on our progress every year.”

In 2020, projects that support Council’s priorities of community safety and social issues, transportation and vibrant neighbourhoods, receive some emphasis. The plan also ensures a balance of effort to each of the six council priorities, including environmental protection and economic resiliency.

Action Plan 2020 was developed collaboratively by the City’s 10 divisions and captures operational and infrastructure improvement initiatives to provide a clear path forward. The organization as a whole is responsible for acting on and delivering these items. That being said, Action Plan 2020 is not an exhaustive list of all the essential work performed by the organization to serve residents. 

“The action plan is not everything we do,” said Gilchrist. “The base-business work that staff conducts each and every day in the various City departments ensures we continue to deliver services, amenities and programs that make Kelowna a great place to live.”

Each subsequent annual action plan will show the work completed or continuing from the previous action plan and the new work to be started. Action Plan 2020 results will be captured in the Action Plan 2021 next January. In addition, Council will receive a report every spring measuring our progress on advancing the Council priorities 2019-2022 results. The first report is planned for April.

For more information and to read the Action Plan 2020, visit