Council endorses future growth scenario for Kelowna

December 11, 2018

On Monday, Council endorsed a growth scenario that will help guide where new homes will be built and how we get around by 2040 – when 50,000 more people are expected to live in Kelowna.

The scenario, which proposes an accelerated and deliberate shift toward a more compact and complete community, will be used to help develop the 2040 Official Community Plan (Kelowna as We Grow), Transportation Master Plan (Kelowna as We Move) and 20 Year Servicing Plan.

“This is a significant step toward planning for how our city will grow over the next 20 years,” says Robert Miles, project manager. “The endorsed growth scenario aligns with the principles and goals set out in Imagine Kelowna, which envisions a Kelowna with vibrant urban centres and diverse transportation options.”

The growth scenario was developed using data on transportation and growth projections; “Pick Your Path” community engagement and stakeholder input received in 2018; and Council direction. The scenario sees Kelowna in 2040 as having an overall housing split of 52 per cent multi-family housing, such as apartments and townhouses, and 48 per cent single- and two-family homes. It also forecasts 19 per cent of future housing being located in suburban areas and 81 per cent distributed throughout the city’s core area, which includes the City Centre, South Pandosy, Capri-Landmark, Midtown and Rutland Urban Centres. As a result, infrastructure and transportation investments are also expected to be concentrated in the urban core, which will help reduce infrastructure investment costs.

Next steps include developing a draft Future Land Use Plan, which will be brought to Council and the public for consideration in spring 2019. A collaboration between staff, Council, residents and community stakeholders, this land use plan will provide a big picture overview of the types of activities and use that can take place in different areas of the city.

Updating Kelowna’s Official Community Plan will be coordinated alongside updates to the Transportation Master Plan and 20 Year Servicing Plan. Together, these plans provide a policy framework to address issues such as housing, transportation, parks, economic development, and the natural and social environment.

“With the foundation set for what Kelowna could look like by 2040, the question facing us today is, how do we get there?” adds Miles. “We can now move forward with setting some of the actionable steps and policies needed to achieve the endorsed growth scenario and, ultimately, the Imagine Kelowna vision.”

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