Council endorses 2020 budget carryovers

March 23, 2020

Council’s endorsement of the City’s 2020 Carryover budget requests on Monday, March 23, will advance work being done to bolster community safety resources, help address complex social issues, continue to build on our transportation network and support our commitments to addressing climate change and environmental protection.

Budget carryovers include $126 million in operating and capital carryover expenditures for projects deferred from 2019 or that are multi-year projects set for completion within the next few years.

“As these projects were previously approved by Council, they do not add to the taxation demand for 2020,” said Melanie Antunes, Acting Financial Planning Manager. “The majority, 56 per cent, will be funded through the City’s general fund sources and the remaining 44 per cent come from self-funding sources such as the water utility, wastewater and the Airport funds.”

Some of the 2020 Carryover budget requests that will help advance Council Priorities and the Imagine Kelowna vision include:

There are three stages of the City’s annual budget process: provisional budget in December, carryovers in March and the final budget that will be presented on April 27, 2020. At that time, Council will consider the final budget for adoption, setting the final taxation demand increase.

Following budget deliberations in December, Council approved a provisional overall taxation increase of 4.15 per cent. This includes a 2.33 per cent increase for general municipal tax demand increase for 2020 and a 1.82 per cent infrastructure levy increase which was previously approved in the 2019 budget. On average, this means an $86 increase on a City of Kelowna residential property tax bill (based on an average home assessed at $670,900).

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