Council approves next steps for short-term rental regulations

December 4, 2018

On Monday, Dec. 3, Council directed staff to prepare the bylaws and policies needed to implement proposed regulations and licensing for short-term rental accommodations (stays of less than 30 days).

The proposed regulations have been developed based on Council-endorsed guiding principles, research on regulations in other BC municipalities, and the results from public and stakeholder engagement conducted over the past year.

“Throughout the process of developing these regulations, we heard many different perspectives,” says Laura Bentley, Community Planning Supervisor with the City. “What we’ve proposed aims to take a balanced approach to allowing short-term rentals as an option for tourists and other visitors, while also protecting long-term rentals and limiting impacts on neighbours.”

Protection for long-term rentals, ensuring short-term accommodations are good neighbours, and fairness among short-term accommodation providers are all considerations, along with cost recovery for compliance and enforcement needs.

Regulations would require short-term rental operators to obtain a business license and follow new rules related to safety, how many people can stay per booking, how many bookings can be made at a time, and parking. Short-term rentals would be limited to the operator’s principal residence in most residential and mixed-use areas, while select tourist commercial areas would allow short-term rentals that are not in the operator’s principal residence. Short-term rentals would not be allowed in secondary suites or carriage houses.

“Next steps will see City staff prepare draft bylaws and policies, which will be brought to Council in early 2019. The new bylaws and policies would then require Council adoption before the new regulations are implemented,” said Bentley.

In anticipation for short-term rental regulations potentially being implemented by early 2019, impacted groups – such as strata corporations – are encouraged to begin reviewing their related policies and bylaws.

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