Controlled water shutdown for some properties in Southeast Kelowna

November 5, 2019

Beginning on the evening of Wednesday, Nov. 6, several properties in Southeast Kelowna will be under a controlled water shutdown in order to repair the main pipe supplying water to the area. Customers impacted have been contacted directly by the City Water Utility. Customers who have been connected to the City Water Utility system are not impacted.

Fewer than 30 properties are expected to be completely without water, with others experiencing very low water pressure and one neighbourhood, supplied by the Hayes Reservoir, asked to limit water consumption. The shutdown is expected to last up to 48 hrs., barring any unexpected circumstances while repairs take place. A map is available online, outlining the properties affected by the outage. Signage will be posted at key intersections in the area to advise customers. Residents are also encouraged to visit for any corresponding road closures.

“In late October, we discovered a leak in an aging pipe on the former SEKID water transmission line,” said Andy Weremy, Water Operations Manager for the City of Kelowna. “While the issue was immediately addressed for the short-term, we also began work on a long-term solution. The materials to repair the pipe required custom fabrication, ordering and delivery, which resulted in the delay between identification of the issue and the final repair.”

Previously, the Utility had anticipated that over 200 properties could be without domestic water during the pipe repair. Through mitigation and ongoing connections from former SEKID to the City Water system taking place over the past two weeks, fewer properties will experience a complete domestic water outage.

City crews will work to repair the pipe as quickly as possible. “Customers were advised of the issue by mail the week of October 21 and a potable water station was set up shortly after for affected customers to help them prepare for the outage. Affected customers are also invited to use the Parkinson Recreation showers for free during the outage,” says Weremy. “We do apologize for the inconvenience this causes our customers and appreciate their understanding and patience during this time.”

Affected customers wishing to take advantage of the shower services at Parkinson Recreation Centre should bring a piece of photo identification with an address, a quarter for a locker and their own toiletries and towel(s).

Please note that if you experience a water outage during this time and did not receive notification from the City Water Utility, please contact or call 250-469-8561.

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