City’s key growth plans coordinated as Imagine next steps into action

February 1, 2018

Multi-year projects to update the City of Kelowna’s Official Community Plan and the Transportation Master Plan are ready to be launched, Council will hear Monday.

Coming on the heels of the Imagine Kelowna process that will conclude this spring, the extensive community engagement will next be used to guide the development of City strategies and plans. 

“The draft principles and goals of Imagine Kelowna will serve as the foundation to ensure a resilient future for Kelowna,” said Danielle Noble-Brandt, Department Manager of Policy and Planning. “The Official Community Plan update will turnthat sets the direction for future growth and land-use in ‘Our Kelowna as we Grow’ over the next 25 years.” 

These two projects are the first to be launched under the umbrella of Imagine Next that will harness the feedback from Imagine Kelowna and work toward implementing the community’s visionengagement opportunities will be coordinated to enhance community awareness and involvement. 

“This year we have the unique opportunity to launch the City’s Transportation Master Plan ‘Our Kelowna as we Move’ in conjunction with the Official Community Plan update,” said Mariah VanZerr, Strategic Transportation Planning Manager. “Land use determines where people live, work and play, while transportation options determine how people move between those places. These two things are interconnected and by coordinating land use and transportation planning in the City of Kelowna, we can help make the Imagine Kelowna vision a reality.”

As the main component of the City’s coordinated growth approach, the Official Community Plan guides how the City grows. Aligning the Official Community Plan update with the Transportation Master Plan will ensure a coordinated approach to land-use and transportation planning. But the City can’t do it alone.

“We hope residents will stay involved and have their say on the projects that will bring Imagine Kelowna to life,” said Noble-Brandt. “A successful community can’t be built by local government, organizations and individuals working on their own. We have to do it as a community, and reaffirm our commitment to a future City that is attractive and evokes pride, passion and a sense of belonging and hope for future generations.”

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