Capri-Landmark Centre Plan takes centre stage

November 2, 2017

The Capri-Landmark Urban Centre Plan will be a big step toward creating a successful urban centre that delivers a high quality of life for current and future residents and employees in the area.

Residents are invited to attend a public information session to see the highlights of the preferred plan, and learn about the next steps in the process.

Date: November 16, 2017
Time: 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Venue: Coast Capri Hotel, 1171 Harvey Avenue

In August, Council endorsed a preferred concept to serve as the foundation for a new Capri-Landmark Urban Centre Plan. The preferred concept was developed with community input and technical analysis to address future growth, how people will get around, and where future residents and workers will have access to parks and public space.

Key concepts of the plan include:

  • Prioritized alternative transportation options: New complete street, with improved walking, cycling and transit options from Burtch to Spall roads.
  • Comfortable, walkable streets: Reduced block sizes and streetscape designs that add new sidewalks for people living and working.
  • Flexible, social public spaces: Developing a community park for people living and working in the Landmark area.
  • Local character and sense of place: Design principles to guide public realm and future building design.
  • Diversity of housing types:  adding increased density and new types of housing options combats urban sprawl and contributes to a thriving neighbourhood
  • Mix of land uses: Increasing the number of people living in the area and focusing new retail and amenities on Dickson Avenue.
  • Environmental resilience: Increasing the amount of green spaces and linear corrdors (Mill Creek and Ritchie Brook) to reduce run-off and improve flood protection.

The more ambitious approach to parks and public space and transportation will require greater capital investment as well as implementing a strategy for funding future infrastructure in the area as growth takes place. 

With a strong plan in place, each re-development proposal can be leveraged as an opportunity to invest in the area in a way that moves the community closer to the vision for the plan.

The Plan will be implemented incrementally with significant roles for both the City and the development community. Learn more at