Bolstering business with big patios on Bernard

June 24, 2020
Traffic advisory

Beginning Monday, June 29, Bernard Ave. between Abbott and St. Paul streets, Abbott St. between Lawrence and Bernard avenues, and Mill St. will be closed to motorists until Sept. 8 to allow businesses to enhance capacity by using the public space on the road.

Cross streets, including Water St, Ellis St. and Pandosy St. will remain open. Temporary accessible parking stalls and five-minute pick-up zones will be in place on the cross streets near Bernard Ave. for motorists’ convenience.

“With 22 businesses already signed-up, we are pleased with the response from eligible businesses,” said JoAnne Adamson, Property Management Manager. “This innovative use of public space will allow businesses to expand customer capacity that is otherwise limited by physical distancing suggestions and will create pedestrian zones that allow people to safely stroll up and down Bernard.”

Patios will extend over the existing parking areas on both sides of Bernard Ave. with a centre walkway for physical distancing in addition to the sidewalks.

Visités to learn more.