Bear sightings at Knox Mountain Park

October 5, 2017
Public service announcement

Visitors to Knox Mountain Park and nearby residents have spotted bears in the area. It’s not unusual for bear sightings to occur this time of year and signs are in place to caution residents that bears may be in the area.

People are encouraged to stay alert while enjoying natural parks and respect bears by anticipating and avoiding encounters with them. Travel in groups when possible, make noise and be sure to keep dogs leashed and on the trails. Bears can be aggressive, especially when defending their food or their cubs. If a bear is spotted, reduce potential conflicts by staying well away from the animal.

If a bear is spotted that seems to be displaying aggression, please notify the Conservation Office at 1-877-356-2029.

Bear information links and safety tips:

British Columbia Parks Bear Safety

Ministry of Environment Bear Smart program

Wild Safe BC

For more information, visit