Another busy night for Roadways crews

November 8, 2022

Public Service Announcement

An early winter has arrived in Kelowna with significant snow, high winds and chilly temperatures. Road crews continue around the clock operations, clearing, sanding and de-icing Kelowna’s roadways, and responding to challenging winter conditions.

“After two decent snowfalls, our roads are in rough shape but all available crews and resources are making their way through priority zones across the city,” says Roadways Operations Manager Andrew Schwerdtfeger. “Crews have been out constantly since last week and they’ll be out until the snow and ice we’re dealing with is cleaned up.”

City Roadways crews continued clearing Priority 1 arterial roads and Priority 2 connector roads with steep hills, sharp curves, school zones, emergency vehicle stations and transit routes overnight. They have applied 50,000 litres of calcium chloride de-icing liquid in recent days 1,200 tonnes of sand in the last 24 hours. This morning, there are 16 trucks, four one-ton trucks, seven sidewalk plows and three graders clearing road and walkways in Kelowna. Winter conditions have arrived abruptly. As clean up continues, a reminder to drive safe and according to the conditions, equip your vehicle with winter tires, and watch for ice to avoid slips, trips and falls.

Everyone has a role when it comes to winter snow. These are some things you can do to make the season more manageable for everyone:

  • Move your car off the street when the snow starts. It makes snow clearing easier, faster and more effective.
  • Know if you live on a snow route. During Snow Route advisories, on street parking is banned in Academy Way, Black Mountain, Clifton/Magic Estates/Wilden, Dilworth Mountain, Kirschner Mountain, McKinley Beach and areas in the South Mission.
  • Clear the walkways in and around your property.
  • Help your neighbours, friends or family members who may have difficulty shoveling. Nominate a Snow Angel who has lent you a hand.

For more information about snow removal and priority routes or the Snow Angels program, please visit