2018 Citizen Survey Results

January 14, 2019

City Council reviewed results of the 2018 Citizen Survey at today’s meeting.

“The outcomes of the Citizen Survey align with the resources we’ve committed over the past few years to address social issues and transportation in our community,” said Mayor Colin Basran. “The timing of the report is ideal as it will help inform the development of priorities for this Council term and give staff insight into perceptions around service delivery and citizen satisfaction.”

A majority of citizens continue to say they receive good value for their municipal tax dollars and highly value City services, on par with other communities in B.C.

Survey Highlights

94% of citizens rate the quality of life as very good or good.
87% of citizens are satisfied with the overall level and quality of City services.
87% of citizens describe Kelowna as safe.
79% of citizens say they receive good value for their taxes.
55% of citizens prefer the City to raise taxes in order to enhance or maintain services.
76% per cent of those who contacted or dealt with the City in the last 12 months are satisfied with the overall service they received.
90% of citizens agree that the City fosters an inclusive and accepting of all through its services and programs.
Citizens’ top mentions of the qualities and characteristics used to describe their ideal city are:

  • safe with low crime rate
  • good recreational facilities and parks
  • good amenities and services

Although citizen’s believe Kelowna’s overall quality of life is good, indicators point to a continued focus on addressing homelessness, transportation, and crime and safety.

The public agenda continues to see social issues (51%) and transportation (43%) as the top mentions, with social issues up 11 percentage points from 2017.  Transportation remains consistent with 2017 results and cite “traffic congestion” (21%), followed by “condition of roads/highways” (7%).

Social issues top mentions relate to “poverty/homelessness” (34%) and “housing/affordable housing” (14%). Other responses include “drugs” while 3% mention “other social issues.”

Although Kelowna continues to be seen as a safe community (87%) there are signs of decline over the past few years citing “more homelessness/poverty” (33%), “drugs” (16%), “break-ins/theft” (14%) and “increase in crime” (11%). 

Citizens’ top five priorities for investment include addressing social issues, traffic flow management, drinking water, encouraging a diverse supply of housing options and police services. Citizens continue to prioritize “renewing exiting infrastructure” (58%) versus “building new” (40%), however, with four-in-ten citizens prioritizing new infrastructure there is an appetite to see the City invest in this area.

“These issues are not isolated to our city – other communities across the province face the same challenges. For Kelowna to continue to thrive, $20 million will be invested in 2019 for transportation projects, and funding commitments are in place to support the Journey Home Society over the next two years, including partnerships through grants, land contributions and policy to encourage a variety of housing options,” said Mayor Basran.

Collaboration with Interior Health, RCMP and BC Housing will remain a priority to enhance a collective approach for support services and harm reduction.

The statistically significant telephone/mobile phone survey was conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs to ensure that it was demographically and geographically representative of Kelowna’s population. The last survey was conducted in 2017.

For more information on the details of the Citizen Survey, visit kelowna.ca.