Sarah Donalda Treadgold Memorial Award - Woman of the Year

Sarah Donalda Treadgold was an active and conscientious volunteer who understood the value and importance of working for the community.  She was deeply interested in education and initially volunteered for many years on Kelowna Elementary School's P.T.A.  She was encouraged to run for the office of school trustee in 1924 and topped the polls in every election for the next 23 years.  Sarah was unassuming and definitely not looking for glory or trying to gain popularity.  She was a loving mother with good ideas and the passion to stand up for what she believed - much like the other women who have been and will be honoured with the Sarah Donalda Treadgold Memorial Award.

Award Criteria

  • Awarded to a woman in recognition of their outstanding voluntary contributions and community service to the city of Kelowna. Activities may be related to arts and culture, business, commerce, education, humanities, medical and recreation.
  • Selections are based on the nominee's achievements and contributions throughout 2018.
  • Past volunteer information may be included, but the nomination should focus on the current award year.  
  • Nominees must not have personally benefited from their activities, nor should the contributions be considered part of their normal employment or job responsibilities.

2017 Sarah Donalda Treadgold Memorial Award Recipient Woman of the Year

Catherine Williams

Since 2003, Catherine Williams has been volunteering with the Emergency Support Services and in 2011, was named the ESS Director for our community. It’s Catherine’s role to ensure volunteers are properly trained and coordinate them to step in on a moments notice, and when necessary, she is the one on call to open the reception center for evacuees.

In 2017, between the flooding and the fires, Catherine might have found herself wondering if the disasters would ever end! Not only was she in charge of the Reception Centre that saw evacuees from around the Province coming to Kelowna, but she had to deal with the Truswell apartment fire, the Lake Country fire and the Phillpot Road fire after an already busy spring flood season. The Reception Centre was open for more than 70 days in a row, some of them for 24 hours, requiring Catherine’s unwavering organization skills and countless volunteer hours.

It’s Catherine’s role to keep in touch with both the Regional and Provincial Emergency Operations Centers. With so many evacuees landing in Kelowna, Catherine was given the task of preparing, as a precaution, five group lodging facilities– a service not needed here since the 2003 Okanagan Mountain Park fire.

In addition to running monthly meetings, Catherine has become a coveted guest speaker at other ESS locations in BC and Alberta.

Past Recipients
  • 2016 - Kelly Taverner
  • 2015 - Lorena Mead
  • 2014 - Meryle Corbett
  • 2013 - Rose Sexsmith
  • 2012 - Shaun Bos
  • 2011 - Marie Ablett 
  • 2010 - Julie Wambeke
  • 2009 - Mohini Singh
  • 2008 - Allison McNeill
  • 2007 - Jane Fletcher
  • 2006 - Lorraine McGrath
  • 2005 - Wendy Falkowski
  • 2004 - Linda Woods
  • 2003 - Beryl Itani
  • 2002 - Beryl Baldeo
  • 2001 - Frances Klassen
  • 2000 - Shirley Jensen/Sunny Hildebrant
  • 1999 - Margaret Caley


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