Okanagan Dream Rally

Aug. 4, 2019
8:30 am to 11:00 am
August Family Foundation
Bernard Avenue by the Sails and Kerry Park

The Okanagan Dream Rally is one of Kelownaʼs most celebrated childrenʼs charity events consisting of over 200 luxury and exotic cars. The children involved in the rally are our “Co- pilots”. While an application process is available for Co-pilot selection, many of our past recipients have been hand-picked by the non-profit organizations we support. In this instance, many of our Co-pilots for the 2019 Dream Rally are current or past residents of the Ronald McDonald House as well as others the organization deems most deserving of this amazing, unforgettable experience. As the date of the Rally approaches, Co-pilots and Drivers are thoughtfully paired up to enjoy this day together. Funds raised are donated to the Ronald McDonald House BC / Yukon.