Kelowna Running Club Pub Relay

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Nov. 20, 2022 -
10:30 am to 3:30 pm
Kelowna Running Club Pub Relay
Kelowna Running Club

The Kelowna Running Club Pub Relay is a fun, team-based, costume and fundraising running event. Each year, groups of 6 runners compete for the fastest team, best costume, and the fastest drinker.

The route will take runners across the city, stopping off at some of our best pubs, breweries and bars along the way. Each runner is assigned a leg segment of the route which will end at a pub where a drink (could be a nonalcoholic drink) will be waiting for them. Once the glass is empty, the next runner starts their leg… and so on until the relay is complete. The legs will be of varying difficulty (expect at least one hilly leg!) and length but will generally be around 5-8km.

Teams are encouraged to follow the costume clad runners as they sprint through the streets of Kelowna so it’s a great opportunity to hoot, holler, and let off some steam at the end of another great running season. The relay will end with everyone together at our chosen location in downtown Kelowna where there will be food, more refreshments, prizes, and the awards ceremony.