Creative Hub Information Session (Additional)

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Feb. 13, 2020 -
1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Creative Hub Information Session (Additional)
City of Kelowna Cultural Services
Kelowna Community Theatre - Black Box
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As a result of the Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEOI) process, the City has determined that there is sufficient market interest to proceed with an application and selection process for the Creative Hub at 350 Doyle Avenue. Perspective applicants are required to attend a mandatory information session.

City staff will share information about the application and the feasibility process. Attendance at an information session is mandatory.  Applications will not be accepted from individuals or organizations which have not attended the information session.

If you have already attended the session on January 29 you are not required to attend.

If you submitted a Letter of Interest in response to the RFEOI and are still interested in participating in the Creative Hub, you will need to submit an application to be considered. A previous response to the RFEOI is not a precondition for participation in the application and selection process nor will it create any preference or advantage. Anyone who feels that they match the eligibility criteria may still submit an application.

The purpose of the application process is to solicit applications from interested parties and then select at least two (2) and up to four (4) parties to work with the City’s consultant, BC Artscape, to explore the feasibility of establishing a creative hub in a future community amenity space at 350 Doyle Avenue in downtown Kelowna.

Important note: An application in this process indicates your interest and capacity to work with BC Artscape over the next year to work toward a development proposal for a Creative Hub. It is not an application to obtain or gain access to a studio space.

The Creative Hub Concept

For the purposes of this project, the characteristics of a creative hub are:

  • The co-location in a shared space of at least two (2) and up to four (4) cultural/creative organizations, interests or artistic disciplines
  • A space that, through good design and appropriate technical equipment, can flexibly accommodate administration, essential storage, incubation and rehearsal of new work, and performance
  • Through co-location and inter-disciplinary exploration, a shared commitment to professional artistic development, the creation of new work and professional arts presentation
  • An operating model supported by sound governance, administration and financial sustainability
  • Fostering community engagement, accessibility and connection through public access space and programming.

The focus of the creative hub space is creative production and interface with the community, not administrative, office, storage or other passive uses. Administrative and storage space may be included in the creative hub, but it is a secondary use. Applications must reflect active regular creative practice to be carried out in the space. This may include development of new work, rehearsal, performance, teaching, programs for the community, etc.

Public access to the creative hub, and connectivity to the adjacent plaza and Artwalk is a mandatory requirement of any development proposal arising from the feasibility process. Accordingly, applicants should not presume that the space will be for the exclusive use of the resident artists.

Additional information on this opportunity will be available at in the coming week.