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Welcome to! has been updated with you in mind. Check out the new navigation, responsive design and enhanced features that will make connecting with us easier than ever.

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It's never been easier to access the City online. Registering for programs, reporting a pothole or renewing your business licence are just a few of the online services available.

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Pre-launch feedback

Online feedback from residents was collected from July 21 until August 15. 

  • 45% of respondents were satisfied with
  • 36% of respondents said it is not easy to find information, and 50% said it's somewhat easy
  • 38% of respondents said it takes a little more time than expected to find information
  • 59% of respondents said the website was visually appealing
You asked, we listened

Here are a few of the comments received during the online feedback collection.

What you said:

"Visually the website is entirely too busy. If the site were streamlined, it would make it more user friendly and information more easily obtained."

"Page is too busy. Too many divided up sections. It would be better if it were just one nice page."

"Truly, less is more. The homepage has too much information shouting at you. Modernize the site and don't let the homepage be so overwhelming."

What we did:

We've updated our design to be more modern and professional.


What you said:

"Not mobile friendly"

"Make airport site of straight to mobile if on a mobile device, very hard to find it otherwise"

"I would make it a responsive site so it uses more of my monitor real estate. Looking at the website now, most of my screen is white, with a little tiny site plunked in the middle."

What we did:

We're now mobile and tablet friendly! The design is also responsive ensuring that no matter the size of your monitor, the website will look great.


What you said:

"Just make it easier to find information. I always I am hunting for it. Once I find it I always get the information I am looking for. So the information is good - It's just getting to it."

"Navigating or finding the site I am looking for is sometimes confusing."

What we did:

We enhanced our search function by allowing you to filter your search by service, all results or documents. The navigation has been restructured with you in mind.


What you said:

"All bylaws - categorized"

"Searching for bylaws is very frustrating, as the common language for some bylaws are not actually what the bylaws are called."

What we did:

You can now search by category, name, keyword or number.Try our new bylaws & policies search and let know what you think.