The primary goal of the Sensitive Habitat and Inventory Mapping (SHIM) project was to ensure all 27 creeks within Kelowna were accurately identified and mapped.

What is Sensitive Habitat Inventory and Mapping (SHIM)?

Kelowna's SHIM is based on a provincial standard developed for fish and aquatic habitat in urban and rural watersheds in British Columbia.

Why protect creeks?

Studies have shown that about 80 per cent of wildlife are either directly-dependent upon wetland and riparian ecosystems, or use them more frequently than most other habitat types.  Additionally, some of our drinking water is taken from creeks in Kelowna. 

What features have been mapped?

Several features have been mapped including culverts, bank modifications, obstruction, erosion and riparian condition.  In the case of Mission Creek, only data from the top of the ravine  has been collected at this time.  To date, 151 km of natural and channelized streams, springs, constructed ditches and over 200 wetlands have been mapped.

Special thanks to the  Okanagan Basin Water Board  and the  BC Real Estate Foundation  for providing grants which have made this project possible.

Inventory summary reports