Art @ KCT

Art @ KCT is a professional art exhibition within the lobby of the Kelowna Community Theatre presenting the work of visual artists from the Central Okanagan featuring accessible, thought-provoking visual art. The program will present the work of a variety of local visual artists over the course of the year to showcase Kelowna’s expansive creative community. 

Art @ KCT features two exhibition spaces, the Rise and the Cube. Over the course of the year, Art @ KCT will feature the work of four artists in each of those spaces. The first-ever Art @ KCT exhibitions will open to the public on April 1, featuring the work of two Okanagan-based artists:

Syilx artist Csetkwe Fortier is a multi-disciplinary artist exhibiting a series of new works entitled “ntyxtyix yilmixwm x̌ǝl yaʕt a ckˈǝwilx kˈa nyxwtitkw or chinook salmon, chief for all beings in water” exploring salmon’s vital role in the wellbeing of the ecosystem. Growing up in a family who ensured the practice of honoring, harvesting and giving back to the salmon, Csetkwe has used her gift of art to share her love and concern for them. Calculated compositions of acrylic on canvas and linen, convey qualities salmon bring to us: determination, focus, action and lifecycles. 

Also included in the inaugural edition of Art @ KCT is Sam Neal, a recent graduate from the MFA program at UBC Okanagan. His works Impressions of Water consider time, place and process, and were created using a (natural) cyanotype process on the banks of Wood Lake.

Selection criteria

Program exhibitions are chosen through an annual Selection Committee comprising of arts professionals, practicing artists and Kelowna Community Theatre staff. Local artists may propose work for inclusion through an open call for submissions. Artists selected for exhibition in this program will receive appropriate CAR/FAC royalties for the presentation of their work.

Are you an emerging or professional artist from Central Okanagan interested in showcasing your work in one of the Art @ KCT exhibition spaces? 


A special thank you to the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art for supporting the exhibition program framework and program launch.