Water quality advisory notice - partially lifted

In consultation with the Interior Health Authority, the City of Kelowna Water Utility has lifted the Water Quality Advisory for residents and businesses in the City’s Utility located north of and including K.L.O. Road. All addresses on both sides of K.L.O. Road are cleared of the advisory. The Water Advisory for City of Kelowna Water Utility customers south of K.L.O Road remains in place.

A Water Quality Advisory map has been created to further define where the advisory has been lifted, and where it remains in place.


All businesses still affected by the Advisory are required to post notifications at all tap and sink locations for the duration of the Advisory. A printer friendly (8.5 x 11) sign has been created to provide customers and staff with proper direction. Food establishments seeking further direction should refer to the Interior Health guidelines.

The City Water Utility is one of five major water providers for the Kelowna area. Residents who do not know who supplies their water can use the 'Find Your Provider' tool

Status Update: 
08:20 - Water Quality Advisory Partially Lifted