Eco-Pass permit program

Eco-Passes are available for any plug-in or hybrid electric vehicle (with maximum fuel consumption less than 6.0L/100km (city) until June 1, 2018).  All permits are valid for a period of one-year and allow up to two hours per day of no-charge on-street parking in Kelowna.

The Eco-Pass Parking Permit program is governed by City of Kelowna Council Policy No. 375.

How do I get a permit?

Bring your vehicle registration and proof that your vehicle is a plug-in electric or hybrid to the fourth floor of City Hall.  For Hybrids, please visit the Natural Resources Canada website before visiting City Hall to ensure you meet the maximum fuel consumption requirement. 

Qualifying vehicles

  • Vehicle must be registered to an address within the Regional District of the Central Okanagan.   

Note: Motorcycles, Scooters and Non-Manufacturer fuel modified vehicles are not eligible for an Eco-Pass Parking Permit.

Legacy Eco-Pass permits

Eco-Pass Parking permits issued prior to March 1, 2016 will expire as of December 1, 2016 or on the date shown on the permit, whichever is later.  Permits may not be renewed.