Master municipal construction documents

The City uses the Master Municipal Construction Documents (MMCD) as the standard construction documents for many of its civil work projects.  The links below are provided for review and  information purposes only.  Each project using the MMCD documents will have contract documents that will take precedence over the information below and will contain some of the information listed as appropriate. 

Supplementals & reference links

Supplementary specifications

City of Kelowna Bylaw 7900 Schedule 5 –  Supplemental  Specifications 
City of Kelowna Traffic Management Guide

Supplementary standard detail drawings

City of Kelowna Bylaw 7900  Schedule 5  - Supplemental Standard Drawings
City of Kelowna Bylaw 7900 Schedule 5 - Design Drawing Index


City of Kelowna Traffic Operations
Traffic Bylaw No 8120 
Noise and Disturbance Control Bylaw No.6647 
Prime Contractor Agreement  
MMCD Supplemental Updates