Long-range planning

Kelowna has been identified as the fastest growing municipality over 127,500 people in British Columbia. Good planning is critical for Kelowna to develop as a sustainable and liveable community. While Kelowna’s boundaries encompass 214 km2 of the beautiful Okanagan Valley, steep hillsides, Okanagan Lake and our agricultural land base all pose unique challenges.  

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is the main guiding document for Kelowna's long term growth.  The OCP is one of numerous Policy and Planning Resources, Policies and Plans.

Official Community Plan (OCP)

The 2016 Community Trends Report provides an overview of demographic and social trends in Kelowna and highlights successes and potential future challenges in the community.

2016 Community Trends Report

Through a 20-year master planning process we are committed to increasing walking and cycling in our community. Our goal is to help more people walk and cycle efficiently and safely throughout our community. By increasing our walking and cycling we improve the health of our community, reduce the number of cars on the road, free up parking spaces and reduce air pollution. Recreational opportunities will also be enhanced as we develop and promote expanded routes.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan

The Linear Park Master Plan is an overall guide for the linear park development within the city. This essential reference document also helped to inform the Kelowna 2030 Official Community Plan and the City has been working diligently to implement the recommendations identified in the Linear Park Master Plan.

 Linear Park Master Plan