Cultural Services Branch

The Cultural Services branch fosters a vibrant and united creative community. Through the support of programs, events and organizations, our legacy continues to thrive as a diverse and innovative cultural destination. The city’s Cultural Services branch is here to support you in exploring all that Kelowna’s lively arts and culture scene has to offer.

Cultural development in Kelowna began in the early 1970's when a committee formed to study the possibilities of developing a Cultural Arts Centre in Kelowna. In 1989, a Mayor's Task Force was established to create our first cultural policy. Updated most recently in 2010, this policy gives form, support and provides direction for the cultural development in the city.

2012-2017 Cultural Plan

Over the past 20 years, significant progress has been made to integrate arts and culture into overall community planning and delivery of cultural services to residents and visitors. Early work led to the establishment of a number of cultural facilities, the Cultural District, a granting process, and the establishment of a Cultural Services branch in 2001.

Operating as a municipal government, our role is to facilitate and promote culture by providing vision, goals and adopting strong policies.