Planning for Canada's 150th

Canada celebrates its Sesquicentennial, the 150th anniversary of Confederation, in 2017. This milestone is a great opportunity to celebrate Canada’s history as well as build excitement for the future both on a national and local level. 

Research, planning and community engagement in Kelowna occurred throughout 2015 to develop a Canada 150 program, incorporating community feedback. The Canada 150 program saw an investment of $150,000 (approved in early 2015 by City Council) to foster community-driven initiatives that would result in a lasting legacy and an increase in civic and national pride.

On Canada Day, 2015, the City launched the “How will you celebrate?” campaign by asking residents what they envisioned for Canada 150. Survey respondents and stakeholders were asked to identify aspects of Canada and Kelowna that made them proud. Results demonstrate that residents have a tremendous amount of pride in their community and that Kelowna is recognized as a beautiful city with good amenities and services. Some prominent themes emerged from the community conversations:

  • Embrace, preserve and celebrate the natural assets of Kelowna including the lake, trails, landscape and four season recreational opportunities;
  • Celebrate cultural diversity and freedom;
  • Empower our youth to shape the community they desire;
  • Honour the history of our region and the prominent people and events that connect us;
  • Lay the groundwork for innovation that will strengthen our community; and
  • Recognize and celebrate the rich history and knowledge of Indigenous nations who continue to be an integral part of our community

On February 15, 2016, Council approved of the Canada 150 program which includes the Sesquicentennial Grant, Incentive Grant, enhanced community celebrations and other commuinty engagement initiatives.