Canada 150

Canada's 150th Birthday: How Will You Celebrate?

It's called a Sesquicentennial—a big word for a pretty big deal. Throughout 2017, Kelowna residents, along with all Canadians, have the opportunity to mark the 150th anniversary of our country.

The Sesquicentennial provides an opportunity for us to reflect on where we've come from, celebrate who we are today and plan for our future. It's a year-long celebration beginning Jan. 1, 2017 and ending Dec. 31, 2017. We hope you'll take part in some aspect, large or small, through a Canada 150 program or initiative. 

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Kelowna residents have a history of providing support for community celebrations and events which include the 2000 Millennium Celebration, Kelowna's 100th birthday (2005), the 2008 BC Summer Games, the 2008 opening of the William R. Bennett bridge, the 2010 Torch Relay, 2010 Breakout West Music Awards, and the 2011 International Children's Games. We expect support and excitement for Canada's Sesquicentennial to be no different!