Commercial vehicle decals

Vehicles that are used for any business purpose within City boundaries in the ordinary course of a business undertaking must annually purchase and display a commercial vehicle decal.

The licence period is from January 1st to December 31st of each year. The fee is based on the GVW (gross vehicle weight) of the vehicle and ranges from $25 to $40 and is payable by cash, cheque or debit.

Home businesses

Many types of home based businesses are permitted in Kelowna. The Zoning Bylaw and the Business License Bylaw regulate home businesses based on the type, the number of expected customers and employees, and the amount of space required within your home to operate the business. Businesses that require many employees, large amounts of space, or generate increased traffic are generally not suitable for a home based business. Anyone operating a business from their home within city boundaries must obtain an annual business licence from us.

Purchasing Branch

The Purchasing Branch is part of the Corporate & Protective Services Division. Central Stores is located at the Public Works Yard.

The Purchasing Branch provides professional expertise on the sourcing of goods, services, and construction contractors for City business units and providing the best overall value. The Purchasing Branch is the only functional area authorized to issue purchase orders (POs). The public competitive bid process is administered in compliance with City Bylaw and Policy, Canadian procurement law, and all applicable Trade Agreements.

Purchasing Policy

Formal Public Tendering

City Bylaw No. 11477 is used to set Purchasing Policy.


Apart from the overall authority granted to the City Manager, only the Purchasing Branch is authorized to initiate formal public invitations to bid (formal Public Tendering):

Master municipal construction documents

The City uses the Master Municipal Construction Documents (MMCD) as the standard construction documents for many of its civil work projects.  The links below are provided for review and  information purposes only.  Each project using the MMCD documents will have contract documents that will take precedence over the information below and will contain some of the information listed as appropriate. 

Supplementals & reference links

Supplementary specifications


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