Tree removal permit

Tree Protection Bylaw No. 8041 identifies and protects specific trees within environmentally sensitive areas. These include all coniferous and deciduous trees with a diameter greater than 150mm (six inches) measured one (1) metre above ground level. 

Tree removal application

A Tree Removal Permit will be required for trees that are:

  • within the Riparian Management area of a stream corridor (generally between 5 and 30 metres from the edge of a stream, pond, lake, or wetland) and/or
  • on a hillside with a slope of 30% or greater.

The bylaw outlines the permit application procedures. Trees removed under the provisions of this bylaw must be replaced with two trees within one growing season.

A Tree Removal Permit is not required for:

  • pruning or removal of a dead, diseased or damaged tree (however approval in writing from the Director of Land Use Management is necessary). 
  • emergency removal of a dangerous or hazardous tree (please notify Land Use Management).

A Tree Removal Permit may be waived if it is processed in conjunction with a current development application, such as a Subdivision or Environmental Development Permit.