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File Application Date Development locations Proposal
A17-0012 2017-10-20
575-579 Rifle Rd
An existing building of 108' x 45' has been on the farm since 2000 approximately. This building was used by the owner's brother for the cherry orchard. Since then, the owner's brother does not live on the property and the cherry orchard has been leased out to a person who trucks all the fruit off the property to sell with his other orchards and does not require the building. Marlys Wolfe entered into a joint venture with United Landscapes in 2014 allowing them to occupy the building and Falcon Ridge Farms providing their perennials/shrubs for their business. This business has occupied the shop with a business license having been applied for with the City of Kelowna after meeting with the head planner with the City. A business license was successfully obtained in both Falcon Ridge Farms and United Landscapes names to do exactly what we are doing today and what was described as being done when we applied for the business license. This year, we receive a notice saying that it is non compliant.
S17-0104 2017-10-19
3665 Hart Rd
3671 Hart Rd
Lot line adjustment
DVP17-0229 2017-10-19
1088 Westpoint Dr
To vary the horizontal separation between retaining walls from 1.2 m required to 0.9 m proposed.
DVP17-0228 2017-10-19
165 Celano Cr
Development Variance Permit to vary the rear yard setback from 7.5m required to 4.5m proposed to facilitate the development of multiple dwelling housing on the subject property.
DP17-0226 2017-10-19
165 Celano Cr
Development Permit to review the form and character of a proposed multiple dwelling unit housing development on the subject property.
A17-0011 2017-10-19
3060 Pooley Rd
Property is required for the Dahl Reservoir, as part of Phase 1 in the Kelowna Integrated Water Supply Plan.
S17-0103 2017-10-18
644 Lequime Rd
Form P
S17-0102 2017-10-18
1350 KLO Rd
1370 KLO Rd
Lot consolidation to accommodate the development of a 154 unit independant seniors living residence, as per DP17-0068