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File Application Date Development locations Proposal
S17-0053 2017-06-20
510 Clifton Rd
550 Clifton Rd
6 lot subdivision
S17-0054 2017-06-20
2505 Pandosy St
Road Dedication
S17-0055 2017-06-20
2565 Pandosy St
Road Dedication
DP17-0149 2017-06-20
743 Cadder Ave
A development permit for the form and character of a new duplex dwelling on a property zoned RU7 – Infill Housing Zone
DP17-0145 2017-06-16
2980 Gallagher Rd
Hazardous Condition Development Permit to allow construction of a reservoir and associated piping
A17-0007 2017-06-15
841 Curtis Rd
Non-Farm Use (Placement of Fill) for the purpose of raising several low spots one bing adjacent to Curis Rd in an effort to enhance the existing pasture
TUP17-0001 2017-06-15
1700 Tower Ranch Blvd
Temporary Use Permit to obtain approval to process existing materials from nearby projects for use at Tower Ranch, in particular, the processing of waste concrete and asphalt for recycling and re-use in new road structures.
TUP17-0002 2017-06-15
2092 Enterprise Way
A temporary use permit application to allow for a portion of the subject property to be used for participation recreation (indoor) for a gymnastics training facility.
S17-0051 2017-06-15
4623 Gordon Dr
To subdivide the subject property into two RU6 lots.