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Development Summary Report                             

The annual Development Summary Report provides a comprehensive picture of development in Kelowna. The report provides a summary of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional development, as measured by building permit issuances.

File Application Date Development locations Proposal
DVP19-0157 2019-06-20
(W OF) Hwy 97 N
A Rezoning application to rezone the property from A1 – Agriculture to I1 Business Industrial for the subject property.
DP19-0156 2019-06-20
(W OF) Hwy 97 N
A Development Permit and Development Variance Permit to reduce the ALR setback and buffer to 6m due to topographic conditions on the subject property.
S19-0040 2019-06-11
3475 Granite Close
Form P Amended Form P (Applied Nov 12, 2020)
DP19-0115 2019-04-26
3838 Capozzi Rd
(W OF) Capozzi Rd
550 Truswell Rd
3786 Lakeshore Rd
A Development Permit for the form and character of Cook Road Parking Lot and Boat Staging area.
S19-0028 2019-04-18
3775 McKinley Beach Dr
3470 Hilltown Dr
PLR for a 12 lot subdivision consisting of 11 single family residential lots and 1 greenbelt lot
DP19-0098 2019-04-17
1773 Crosby Rd
Natural Environment and Hazardous condition Development Permit to allow construction of a Stormwater Collection System
DP19-0097 2019-04-17
(S OF) Steele Rd
1747 Fawn Run Dr
1755 Fawn Run Dr
1763 Fawn Run Dr
1771 Fawn Run Dr
1779 Fawn Run Dr
1787 Fawn Run Dr
1795 Fawn Run Dr
1610 Antler Ct
1602 Antler Ct
1594 Antler Ct
1586 Antler Ct
1578 Antler Ct
1570 Antler Ct
1562 Antler Ct
1625 Vincent Pl
Allow construction of South Perimeter Rd
DP19-0087 2019-04-05
1150 Black Mountain Dr
Hazardous Condition Development Permit to allow construction of a multi-family development
DP19-0085 2019-04-04
2830 East Kelowna Rd
A Farm Protection Development Permit to allow a proposed winery building and dwelling for farm help.
DVP19-0080 2019-04-02
3360 Dall Rd
3060 Pooley Rd
A DVP application to vary Section 11.1.5 (b) of Zoning Bylaw No. 8000 to reduce the minimum lot size from 4.0ha to 0.6ha to allow for a 2 lot subdivision to create a new lot for a water reservoir and pump station to be utilized as part of the City Of Kelowna and SEKID integrated city-wide water system.