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Development Summary Report                             

The annual Development Summary Report provides a comprehensive picture of development in Kelowna. The report provides a summary of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional development, as measured by building permit issuances.

File Application Date Development locations Proposal
DP22-0109 2022-05-02
1864 Gordon Dr
A Development Permit for the form and character of a 6-storey mixed use building with ground level commercial space, ground-oriented housing and with apartment residential above.
DP22-0108 2022-05-02
420 Roepel Rd
Natural Environment and Hazardous Condition Development Permit for construction of a tram.
DP22-0107 2022-05-02
3807 Feeny Rd
Hazardous conditions, to facilitate grading of site.
Z22-0030 2022-04-29
394 Viewcrest Ct
Application to rezone the subject property from RR3 Rural Residential to RU1C Large Lot Housing (Carriage House)
LL22-0007 2022-04-28
5800 Lapointe Dr
A Liquor License application for a new liquor primary establishment (KF Aerospace Centre for Excellence).
DP22-0105 2022-04-28
732-734 Coopland Cr
732 Coopland Cr
734 Coopland Cr
A Development Permit for the form and character of a proposed fourplex on the subject property.
TA22-0012 2022-04-27 A Text Amendment application to bring forward Zoning Bylaw changes for implementation of EV (Electrical Vehicles) ready parking requirements for all new residential developments.
S22-0028 2022-04-27
2693 Hwy 97 N
Road Widening for the ATC Route
S15-0099-02 2022-04-27
(S OF) Academy Way
Subdivision of remainder of lot C into 32 residential lots and 1 park
DP22-0104 2022-04-27
3508 Fleet Ct
A Form and Character Development Permit for a 200 room Hotel.