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Development Summary Report                             

The annual Development Summary Report provides a comprehensive picture of development in Kelowna. The report provides a summary of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional development, as measured by building permit issuances.

File Application Date Development locations Proposal
DP22-0117 2022-05-18
4760 Lakeshore Rd
A Form and Character Development Permit for a 16 unit townhouse development.
Z22-0034 2022-05-17
2169 Pandosy St
•A Rezoning application to rezone the subject property from HD2 – Hospital and Health Support Services and RU6 – Two Dwelling Housing to HD1 – Kelowna General Hospital to facilitate the development of a parking lot.
DVP22-0114 2022-05-17
200 Cariboo Rd
A Development Variance Permit application to vary the rear yard setback from 7.5 m to 4.5 m to facilitate the construction of two-dwelling housing.
DP22-0115 2022-05-17
2169 Pandosy St
A Development Permit for the form and character of a surface parking lot.
DP22-0113 2022-05-13
3260 Shayler Rd
Hazardous condition development permit to allow construction of a single family dwelling and a pool.
Z22-0032 2022-05-10
659 Coronation Ave
651 Coronation Ave
643 Coronation Ave
635 Coronation Ave
627 Coronation Ave
619 Coronation Ave
587 Coronation Ave
583 Coronation Ave
579 Coronation Ave
575 Coronation Ave
571 Coronation Ave
563-565 Coronation Ave
559 Coronation Ave
555 Coronation Ave
593 Coronation Ave
611 Coronation Ave
An application to rezone the 16 subject properties from the RU2 – Medium Lot Housing zone and the RU2c – Medium Lot Housing with Carriage House to the C7 – Central Business Commercial zone to facilitate a mixed-use development, including three high-rise buildings, proposed to contain 708 units.
DP22-0112 2022-05-10
3310 Hilltown Dr
A Development Permit Application for the form and character of a 15-unit rowhouse project on the subject property.
DP22-0111 2022-05-10
805 Grenfell Ave
A Development Permit for the form and character of a proposed fourplex on the subject property.
DP22-0110 2022-05-09
1916 Ethel St
A Development Permit for the form and character of a proposed fourplex on the subject property
HAP22-0003 2022-05-03
416 Royal Ave
An HAP Minor Amendment to change the proposed commercial unit at grade to a 2 BR residential unit.