Current developments

File Application Date Development locations Proposal
S18-0078 2018-09-20
1235 Richter St
1241 Richter St
1205 Richter St
1215 Richter St
1223 Richter St
1229 Richter St
Lot Consolidation & Corner Rounding
S18-0077 2018-09-19
5523 Mountainside Dr
5533 Mountainside Dr
Transfer of Park lot to the City
S17-0045-01 2018-09-19
3398 McKinley Beach Dr
(W OF) McKinley Beach Dr
Phase 1 - McKinley Beachhouse
DP18-0191 2018-09-19
225 Swick Rd
Natural environment and hazardous condition cevelopment permit to allow restoration of a failed scope and retaining wall adjacent to Okanagan Lake.
S16-0045-02 2018-09-17
5425 Upper Mission Dr
Phase 2 of Kestrel Ridge - Subdivision of parcel into 9 RH2 lots (one remainder)
S17-0069-01 2018-09-10
(E OF) Shayler Rd
Forest Hills - 10 lot subdivision
S17-0014-01 2018-09-10
(E OF) Shayler Rd
3912 Glenmore Rd N
3850 Glenmore Rd N
(W OF) Shayler Rd
McKinley Hilltown Subdivision - 24 lots & road dedication
Z18-0101 2018-09-07
464 Collett Rd
An application to rezone from the RU1 – Large Lot Housing zone to the RU6 – Two Dwelling Housing zone
S18-0076 2018-09-07
464 Collett Rd
A Preliminary Layout Review application to subdivide the subject property into two residential lots
DP18-0184 2018-09-06
3314 Wildwood Rd
Natural Environment Development Permit to allow repair/maintenance of a high pressue gas line adjacent to a stream.