Current developments

File Application Date Development locations Proposal
TUP19-0001 2019-03-22
2085 KLO Rd
An application for a Temporary Use Permit (TUP) to allow for the Intensive Agriculture use on the subject property. The request is to allow for the construction of two structures for the purpose of housing 80 rabbits.
DVP19-0073 2019-03-21
749 Bechard Rd
Development Variance Permit to vary: -the maximum site coverage of buildings, driveways, and parking from 50% permitted, to existing 75% proposed. -the number of driveway access per road frontage onto a property from 1 permitted, to existing 2 proposed. -the maximum residential driveway access width from 6.0m permitted, to existing 13.8m proposed.
TA19-0009 2019-03-19 To consider a text amendment to Zoning Bylaw No. 8000, Section 7.5 which would amend the retaining wall requirements including all lots and the maximum number of tiers/height.
LL19-0004 2019-03-13
1175-1177 Ellis St
Temporary change to existing liquor licence
S19-0020 2019-03-12
2690 Dubbin Rd
2714 Dubbin Rd
Lot line adjustment
S16-0045-03 2019-03-12
5402 Kestrel Lane
5406-5410 Kestrel Lane
5412-5418 Kestrel Lane
6 lot subdivision
S14-0012-01 2019-03-11
3303 Mathews Rd
Two lot subdivision approval
S19-0019 2019-03-08
2854 Gosnell Rd
2860 Gosnell Rd
Lot line adjustment
S19-0018 2019-03-07
890-892 Glenwood Ave
Road Widening
S19-0017 2019-03-07
280 McIntosh Rd
Road Dedication