Current developments

File Application Date Development locations Proposal
S19-0055 2019-08-23
330 Valley Rd
Road Dedication
HAP19-0013 2019-08-21
377 Beach Ave
An application for a Minor Heritage Alteration Permit for an addition to a home in the Heritage Conservation Area.
DP19-0164 2019-08-21
2324 Dewdney Rd
Natural Environment and Hazardous Condition Development Permit to allow construction of a single family dwelling, detached garage and pool adjacent to Okanagan Lake
S19-0054 2019-08-20
(S OF) Academy Way
PLR for a 2 lot subdivision to accommodate a phased multi-family development
S19-0053 2019-08-20
460-464 Windhover Ct
470-474 Windhover Ct
480-484 Windhover Ct
468-472 Sparrow Hawk Ct
Subdivision of 4 lots into 8 freehold lots via Party Wall Subdivision
Z19-0110 2019-08-09
1085 McCurdy Rd
A rezoning application to change the current A1 Agriculture zone to I2 General Industrial to accommodate an automotive/equipment repair shop and office.
S19-0052 2019-08-09
4712 Raymer Rd
To close a portion of Woodhaven Pl for consolidation with the lot and a road dedication
DVP19-0160 2019-08-09
1085 McCurdy Rd
A Development Variance Permit application requesting a reduction in the front yard setback, from 7.5 metres to 6.65 metres, to bring an existing structure into conformance with the proposed zone.
DVP19-0162 2019-08-08
1659 Water St
Development Variance Permit to reduce parking, to reduce upper floor setbacks, and to reduce the frontage area dedicated towards functional commercial space.
DP19-0161 2019-08-08
1659 Water St
Form and Character Development Permit for a 6 storey commercial building with rooftop patio.