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Development Summary Report                             

The annual Development Summary Report provides a comprehensive picture of development in Kelowna. The report provides a summary of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional development, as measured by building permit issuances.

File Application Date Development locations Proposal
DVP22-0020 2022-01-25
866 Wellington Ct
Development Variance permit to vary the front yard in the RU1 zone from 4.50 to 3.35m for a proposed addition.
S17-0043-03 2022-01-24
(WOF) Carnoustie Dr
(N OF) Mine Hill Dr
630 Black Mountain Dr
S22-0005 2022-01-21
1251 McKenzie Rd
Add approximately 29 acres of land suited for orchard from 1251 McKenzie Rd to 1785 Swainson Rd by way of a lot line adjustment
S22-0004 2022-01-21
1299 Belaire Ave
1284 Devonshire Ave
1264 Devonshire Ave
1274 Devonshire Ave
1281 Belaire Ave
1289-1291 Belaire Ave
Lot consolodation (6 lots into 1)
DP22-0017 2022-01-21
2339-2397 Hwy 97 N
A development permit for the form and character of a drive-through food service establishment
Z22-0003 2022-01-20
1319 Pridham Ave
1329 Pridham Ave
1309 Pridham Ave
1299 Pridham Ave
A Rezoning application to rezone the subject properties from the RU6 – Two Dwelling Housing zone to the RM5 – Medium Density Multiple Housing zone to allow for apartment housing.
S22-0003 2022-01-20
741 Barnaby Rd
2-lot subdivision
S22-0001 2022-01-20
684 McClure Rd
Create 2 new lots (1 & 2) from existing lot 21
DVP22-0014 2022-01-20
1319 Pridham Ave
1329 Pridham Ave
1309 Pridham Ave
1299 Pridham Ave
variances to building height from 4.5 storeys permitted to 5.5 storeys proposed and required building site coverage from 40% permitted to 56.5% proposed.
DP22-0018 2022-01-20
1638-1674 Cary Rd
A Development Permit for the form and character of an addition the existing car dealership.