Current developments

File Application Date Development locations Proposal
DP19-0052 2019-02-14
3590 Lakeshore Rd
3588 Lakeshore Rd
Natural Environment Development Permit to allow construction of lakeshore stabalication works adjacent to Okanagan Lake.
S19-0013 2019-02-13
3305-3309 McCulloch Rd
Subdivision - Homesite Severance
Z19-0047 2019-02-12
1737 Pandosy St
Rezoning from C4 to C7 in order to increase the allowable FAR on the site.
DVP19-0051 2019-02-12
1737 Pandosy St
A Development Variance Permit to increase the maximum height in the C7 zone from 22.0 metres to 30.8 metres.
DP19-0050 2019-02-12
1737 Pandosy St
Form and character Development Permit for a 15 unit, 8 storey residential building.
TA19-0007 2019-02-11
1435 Water St
A Text Amendment to Zoning Bylaw No. 8000 to establish a new use and regulations for short-term rental accommodation, to add the use to select residential and mixed-use zones, and to remove the existing apartment hotels use.
S19-0012 2019-02-11
3720 Pooley Rd
3710 Pooley Rd
3700 Pooley Rd
Road Dedication, Lot Line Adjustment
Z19-0034 2019-02-08
5505-5507 Airport Way
An application to rezone a portion of the subject property from CD15 to C9rcs, to allow for a retail cannabis sales establishment.
HAP19-0004 2019-02-08
409 Park Ave
A Heritage Alteration Permit for the purpose of making additions/renovations to the existing dwelling. Specifically, the addition of a modern sunroom, extended roofline to match existing, an open kitchen area, a new garage, and relocation of an existing shed.
DVP19-0044 2019-02-07
865 Rose Ave
A development application to vary the rear yard setback from 0.9m to 0.75m and the side yard setback from 1.5m to 0.99m for accessory buildings to permit a carriage house.