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File Application Date Development locations Proposal
S17-0099 2017-10-16
5080 Twinflower Cr
Completion of three remaining lots to be subdivided after the initial subdivision and construction in 2013. These three lots could not be developed at that time as there was not adequate water service (pressure). This is now being addressed by way of the upgrade Mair Developments water system for the Fawn Run development.
LL17-0023 2017-10-16
274 Lawrence Ave
Application for tempprary change to operating hours: Oct 28 to 29 Oct 2017 Nov 11 to 12 Nov 2017 Dec 23 to 24 Dec 2017 Dec 30 to 31 Dec 2017
S17-0098 2017-10-13
581 Vintage Terrace Ct
Land Dedication for Bellevue Creek
S17-0095 2017-10-04
586 Carriage Ct
Land Dedication on Bellevue Creek
DVP17-0218 2017-10-04
872 Westpoint Dr
A Development Variance Permit to vary the height of a retaining wall from 1.2m (permitted) to 2.62m (proposed).
DP17-0222 2017-10-03
2639 Hwy 97 N
A development permit for the form and character of façade improvements along Highway 97 N
DP17-0209 2017-10-03
3144 Walnut St
Natural Envorinment Development Permit for the demolition of existing dwelling and construction of proposed new single family dwelling
OCP17-0019 2017-10-02
1435 Water St
OCP Amendment to Chaper 14 (Infill Neighbourhood Design Guildlines)
DVP17-0217 2017-09-29
889 Cadder Ave
A Development Variance Permit to vary side yard setback from 2.0m (permitted) to 1.2m (proposed), rear yard setback from 1.5m (permitted) to 1.0m (proposed) and a reduction in the number of parking stalls from 3 (required) to 2 (proposed) for the conversion of an existing accessory building to carriage house.
Z17-0092 2017-09-28
255 Taylor Rd
A Rezoning and Development Permit application to rezone the subject property from RU1 – Large Lot Housing to RM3 – Low Density Multiple Housing to facilitate the development of multi-family row housing.