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Building permits are required for new buildings as well as changes to existing buildings, including: renovations, additions, flood or fire restorations, legalizing or removing a suite and any alterations that involve removal or replacement of drywall.  Permits are not required for painting, replacing flooring or changing cabinets (as long as drywall is not affected).  Contact us if you have questions about your project and the permit requirements.  You can submit a property information request for your property if you require floor plans or past permit information to assist with planning your project.

Whatever you are building, a considerable amount of time, effort and money is involved. A building permit (and the related inspections) protect your investment by ensuring the proposed development complies with City bylaws and the BC Building Code. Building Codes have been developed to guarantee minimum construction standards. Apart from ensuring structural integrity, the Building Code also establishes minimum levels of safety for occupants.

Let's get started

  • We have a fast track program for minor interior renovations/restorations, with the possibility of the building permit being issued within 2-3 days (If the submitted information is complete at time of application)
  • For an addition or major renovation, permit review may take up to two weeks.
  • Plumbing & gas permits for residential work, are typically issued the same day, if the building permit has been issued.
  • We will contact you to pick up your permit once it is able to be issued.
  • You must start the work within 6 months and request an inspection within that time, otherwise the permit will expire.
  • If you are not able to start the construction, you may extend your permit for an additional 6 months, if you submit a written request and receive approval prior to the expiration date.
New Homes & Carriage Houses

To submit a building permit for a new single family dwelling bring the complete application package to the Application Centre on the second floor of City Hall.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Prior to issuance of the building permit for the new dwelling, the owner or builder shall have approval from HPO, and will have paid any outstanding DCC and building permit fees.

The following items are required for a complete application:

Home Renovations & Additions

The following items are required for permit application:

Secondary Suites

Secondary suites must follow the regulations in the Suite Bulletin.  For more information on suites click here.

The following items are required for permit application:

Detached Sheds, Garages & Workshops

A building permit is required for all detached residential garages, workshops and sheds over 10m2 and must follow the applicable guidelines for more information click here.  Accessory buildings less than 10m2 in building area do not require a building permit but must comply with the setbacks and height requirements for accessory structures as outlined by the City of Kelowna Zoning Bylaw 8000.

The following items are required for permit application:

  • Building Permit Application Form
  • Owner's Authorization Form
  • Owner's Acknowledgement Form
  • Two Sets of Plans (Site Plan, Floor Plan, Elevations, Roof Design)
    • A site plan shall include the lot size and accurate shape showing the location and size of the proposed garage and all existing buildings/improvements on the lot.Easements, right of ways, septic tank and field locations are to be indicated on the site plan.A revised survey certificate showing the size and location of the proposed detached garage, as well as driveway location and slope, would also be accepted.
    • Working drawings shall show all building elevations, foundation/floor plans, a cross-section showing all construction assemblies, and a roof truss layout are required at the time of application.These plans are to be drawn to scale.Preferred scale Metric 1:50 or Imperial ¼” = 1.0 ft.
  • Engineer’s Designs (Schedules B, D & Proof of Insurance), if applicable
  • Certificate of Title (current within 30 days) as well as any covenants, easements and right-of-ways
Retaining Walls

Over height retaining walls (more than 1.2m in height) require a Development Variance permit, approved by City Council, prior to a building permit application.

The following items are required for the over height building permit application:

Swimming Pools

The following items are required for a swimming pool building permit application

Please refer to the Swimming Pool Checklist for more information.

Solid Fuel Burning Appliances (Wood/Pellet Stoves)

All wood stoves and solid fuel burning appliances require a building permit prior to installation. For more information on the regulations for solid fuel burning appliances click here.

The following items are required for a building permit application:

Engineered Steel Buildings

The following items are required for permit application:

For more information on the regulations for Engineered Steel Building certification click here.  For an informational bulletin about Steel Storage Containers click here.

Building Demolition

A building permit must be issued prior to the demolition of any building.  A building permit application package, including a security deposit to the City of Kelowna in the sum of $1,000.00 for each building or structure over 65 m² in ground floor area or 15 m in height to be demolished, must be submitted.

For information and the demolition application package click here.

Delayed Demolition & Duplex (Suite) Decommissioning

A building permit application package, including a security deposit to the City of Kelowna in the sum of $20,000.00 for each building or structure to be demolished, must be submitted for delayed demolitions.

Read about the requirements when decommissioning a dwelling unit in a duplex or utilizing the delayed demolition process here.