Did you know that 55% of Kelowna is zoned for Agriculture? And 38% is located within the Agricultural Land Reserve. We take great pride in our agricultural land and do our best to preserve it for generations to come. Imagine what Kelowna would look like without our agricultural land. Our agricultural land helps to support the local economy, tourism, food production, and the open space adds to the beauty of Kelowna.

All dwellings and buildings on Agricultural Land, and adjacent to Agricultural Land require a Farm Protection Development Permit. This is to ensure that active agriculture and farming operations are buffered from residential uses. This can help reduce conflict between urban and agricultural uses. Considerations as part of an application for a dwelling on agricultural land will include homeplating (keeping all buildings within a given footprint), landscape buffering, and minimizing the amount of usable farmland being used for housing or development.

Check the zoning map to determine if your property is located on or near Agricultural Land.

Learn more about how to apply for a Farm Development Permit.

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