City Council recently voted in support of removing the A1T - Agriculture with Agri-tourist Accommodations from the Zoning Bylaw. This means that there is no longer an option to provide tourist accommodations on your agricultural property (including RV sites, campsites, or any type of hotel or motel accommodation). Existing A1T properties that were approved and in compliance prior to August 8, 2016 are allowed to remain.

Agri-tourism is still an allowed use on the property so long as it complies with ALC regulations and does not involve any accommodation. Read more here. This may include farm tours, a fruit stand, or other related activities.

A Bed and Breakfast may be allowed on agricultural land if it meets the zoning bylaw regulations and the ALC regulations. These include limiting the number of rooms, limiting the residential building footprint, and ensuring the owner/operator resides in the Bed and Breakfast.