Qualified Water Efficient Landscapers

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What is QWEL?

QWEL stands for Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper.  The QWEL training program provides graduates with knowledge in water efficient and sustainable landscapes and asks that they uphold the standards presented during the training.  QWEL certified contractors, designers and other successful participants agree to adhere to the requirements of the Landscape Water Conservation Report per Bylaw 10480, and to follow residential irrigation standards, in order to remain on the Kelowna QWEL Contractor list. 

The QWEL program is a Water Sense Certification Program and has become the standard for many US cities and the City of Kelowna utility is excited to be the first to offer the program in Canada.  With increasing concern for water conservation, contractors will need to create water efficient landscapes and the Water Smart program is providing QWEL training to support these efforts. 

Note: Participating contractors are recognized solely on successful completion of the Kelowna Water Smart QWEL training program.  The City of Kelowna does not specifically endorse any contractor and inclusion on the Kelowna contractor list is not an endorsement of the performance of any contractor.   The City of Kelowna encourages consumers to use available resources to research potential contractors.

How do I find a QWEL Contractor?

All QWEL certified individuals are listed on the North American QWEL database.

The City of Kelowna Water Smart team also maintains a list of Kelowna area contractors which includes the following information:

  • Contact informationCertifications held by company employees
  • Whether the company has a City of Kelowna business license
  • Whether the company carries liability and WCB insuranceWhether the company can provide 2 or more project references
  • Type of services providedService areas

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