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Former South East Kelowna Irrigation District Customers

As part of the Kelowna Integrated Water supply plan - Phase 1, over 2,000 households in Southeast Kelowna have been supplied with clean drinking water. This project separated the drinking and agricultural systems for Southeast Kelowna Irrigation customers helping to meet Interior Health's 2025 clean drinking water mandate.

Merging of operations with the City Utility is well underway. The final component of the project is to install (or replace) water meters for all properties in order to accurately measure consumption. Benefits of metering include:

  • Fair way to bill – based on consumption
  • Quick detection of leaks – helps save water and costs
  • Conservation – proven to help reduced water demand/need for capital upgrades

In 2021, once meters are in place and the new domestic system is tested, domestic water rates and fees will be switched to City utility rates.

Changes on your bill

Bills are being issued from the City's Utility billing department and have a slightly different format and frequency, but all existing SEKID rates, fees and allocations will be maintained through 2020. Water and irrigation (formerly tax) charges will appear on the same bill.

Understanding your bill

Rates have not changed and will remain the same until the end of 2020. The service charges have been renamed and converted from monthly or quarterly to bi-monthly and imperial units have been converted to metric.

Please refer to the following chart for more details:

Previous toll labelRateNew service charge labelRate converted to bi-monthly
Monthly Flat Tolls$55.15/monthSEK Commercial Water - Flat$110.30/bi-monthly
Commercial Metered Water$3.61/1,000 US GallonsSEK Commercial Water – Metered$0.9537/cubic meter *
Domestic Tolls$165.45/quarterSEK Domestic Water – Flat$110.30/bi-monthly
Farm Help Accommodations$82.80/quarter0.5 units SEK Domestic Water – Flat$55.15/bi-monthly
Toll-In-House Suite$82.80/quarter0.5 units SEK Domestic Water – Flat$55.15/bi-monthly
WQIP Project Fee P1 Qrtly
WQIP Project Fee P2 Qrtly
$96.00/quarterSEK WQI project fee$64.00/bi-monthly
WQIP Project Fee P1 Qrtly
WQIP Project Fee P2 Qrtly
$32.00/monthSEK WQI project fee$64.00/bi-monthly
Water Tax$96.30 /per acre or $96.30 /per parcel (under 1 acre)SEK Irrigation Flat

$16.05/ acre or $16.05 /per parcel **

*1,000 US Gallons = 3.785 Cubic Meter
**Properties with Farm Status will be billed $96.30/ per acre irrigation annually as 'SEK Irrigation Flat - Annual'

Paying your bill

Pay online or in person

Pay your utility bill through your online banking (select Kelowna Utilities as the payee, use your account number from your utility bill) or in person at City Hall with cash, debit, or cheque during regular business hours. A drop box is also available outside City Hall after hours.

Pay through pre-authorized withdrawal system (PAWS)

Sign-up for PAWS to have the total amount of your bill deducted directly from your bank account on the payment due date.

Manage your PAWS directly through your Online Billing account or by submitting a completed Pre-Authorized Payment application form to the City of Kelowna Revenue Department along with a void cheque or Pre-Authorized Debit form from your bank.

Download an application form online at

View bill online

View your bill online by signing up for Online Billing. If you are already registered for the City’s Online Billing for your property taxes, you can simply add your new utility billing account to your existing profile. 

If you are a new Online Billing user, go to and register for an account. To register, you will need the account number and access code provided on your utility bill.

If you were registered for South East Kelowna Irrigation District's e-billing, you will no longer receive bills through that portal. To continue to access your bills electronically, you will need to register for the City of Kelowna Online Billing system.

Selling home or changing mailing address

When you sell your home or change your mailing address, the City receives that information through BC Assessment, so you do not need to notify the City directly.

You will need to notify BC Assessment of your change of mailing address in order for our records to be updated.

Meter reading on bill with no metered charges

If you have a metered irrigation service, the current consumption will be displayed on your bill. For domestic services that have new meters now installed, you will begin to see the domestic metered consumption on your bill, even though you won’t be charged for domestic metered consumption until 2021.

Irrigation Water

After the new domestic system is completed in 2020, the existing SEKID water distribution system will be used for irrigation and fire suppression. Agriculture in Southeast Kelowna has a long history of service to Kelowna and the City of Kelowna is committed to seeing this industry flourish both in this area and around the City.

Water for irrigation may be sourced from either potable or non-potable supply. The City will determine the extent of the non-potable water system as well as the properties served by the system based on best overall value to the utility and consistent with the priorities outlined in Council Policy Water Supply #383.

The City supports agriculture within the utility service area. Properties classified as Farm under the BC Assessment Act will be eligible for Farm irrigation water rates.

To encourage the use of the lower cost, non-potable water to the extent that it is available, pricing for non-potable water for irrigation purposes may be lower than the pricing for potable water for the same customer class.

Metered Irrigation allotment

The 2019 allotment is equal to 2,775 m3 per acre of irrigated area.

At the end of each irrigation season, the consumption from all irrigation meters on the property is compared to the allotment as described above.  If the consumption in the current year does not exceed the allotment, there is no additional charge.  If the consumption exceeds the allotment, then the consumption over the allotment is subject to the tiered rate as described below.  Additional metered consumption charges occur annually in the fall.

Volume in CM>0-10%>10-20%>20-30%>30-40%>40-50%>50-60%>60-70%>70-80%>80-90%>90-100%
Rate per CM0.02650.03440.04230.05290.06610.08190.10040.12160.14530.1718

The rates are cumulative and only apply to water use within the range of the block/volume of water to which they are attributed.

The City reads the irrigation meters several times throughout the season, with consumption information available on bi-monthly utility bills, or by logging on to the City’s online billing portal.

Farm status

Properties with Farm Status will be billed $96.30/per acre irrigation, annually. The charge will appear as "SEK Irrigation Flat - Annual".  

Non-farm status

Water rates will remain the same for 2020 and appear on regular bi-monthly bills as "SEK Irrigation Flat - Bi-Monthly".

In 2021, to encourage the use of the lower cost, non-potable water to the extent that it is available, pricing for non-potable water for irrigation purposes may be lower than the pricing for potable water for the same customer class.

Isolation Valves

This is a reminder to both new and longtime residents with metered irrigation connections about your obligations for maintaining your private irrigation systems. You are responsible for maintaining and renewing all works from your isolation valve.

Water service will not be turned on to any property with a leaky or defective isolation valve. If the City is called to shut down a service for any reason, the service will not be turned back on until the isolation valve is fully functional. A blowout port next to the isolation valve also allows the owner to shut down and winterize their system in the fall without damage to Cityworks and without needing the City to shut down the main service to the property.


The South East Kelowna Irrigation District  was an improvement district incorporated under letters patent by order in council of the British Columbia legislature November 2, 1920. SEKID was one of five major public water utilities serving the City of Kelowna. The district has a rich and varied history with roots pre-dating the Kettle Valley Railway at the turn of the last century. The District was taken over by the City of Kelowna on June 4, 2018. 

The service area of the South East Kelowna Irrigation District encompassed almost 9,000 acres of land and accounts for over 20 per cent of the area of the City of Kelowna. Most of the land in the district is agricultural land.