Water main flushing

Regular flushing is an important component of a comprehensive water management program. We flush 310 kms of water main annually to prevent bacterial re-growth and stagnation in low circulation areas of the distribution system. Flushing the mains using water under high pressure cleans out these areas, along with the rest of the system. Flushing is generally done between March and October.

Our Water Utility uses “uni-directional” flushing. This means the valves in the pipe network are closed in sequence, drawing water from previously flushed pipes through the pipe that is to be cleaned. This ensures that all piping is refreshed and that minor sediment within the pipe is removed.

Fire hydrants and blow-off valves are used as flush-out points. Water flushed from hydrants is collected in a truck where it is dechlorinated and discharged to clean street surfaces, flush storm drains and sanitary sewers. It is not practical to re-use this water for irrigation, filling residential swimming pools or other purposes.

All storage reservoirs are also drained, scrubbed and disinfected yearly.

PUBLIC NOTICE: Water main flushing 
Utility crews continue their water main flushing program to ensure the distribution system is refreshed and healthy.