Phase 1

A successful funding application for Phase 1 of the 2017 Kelowna Integrated Water Supply Plan means clean safe drinking water is one step closer for citizens of South East Kelowna and a plentiful supply of agricultural irrigation water is coming to the South Mission.

The federal and provincial governments approved the City of Kelowna funding application of $43.9 million to bring treated lake water to South East Kelowna Irrigation District (SEKID) ratepayers for domestic use, and to resolve irrigation supply problems for the South Okanagan Mission Irrigation District (SOMID). The project will also allow another five small private water systems to connect.  

A transition plan is underway to map out the process for SEKID and the City of Kelowna to work together on Phase 1 of the 2017 Kelowna Integrated Water Supply Plan. Pending the timely completion of a successful transition agreement, clean drinking water is anticipated to be delivered to the majority of SEKID ratepayers by the end of 2019, or earlier if possible. The work to service SOMID is also expected to be completed by 2019. The anticipated completion date for the entire project is 2020.

The grant announcement will allow for the initial phase of the long-term integration plan to be implemented and set the groundwork for future integration.

Phase 1 includes the separation of agricultural and domestic systems in SEKID; in the short-term domestic water will be supplied through a new transmission line connecting to the City of Kelowna’s water distribution system from Okanagan Lake.  Agricultural water will continue to be supplied from Hydraulic Creek, with emergency connections to the domestic supply in the event of service disruption. 

Phase 1 will also see a sustainable agricultural water supply delivered to SOMID, along with upgrades to the City of Kelowna’s water utility to supply both SEKID and SOMID and accommodate future growth.

The total project cost is $61.3 million, with a combined local contribution of $17.4 million for 28 per cent of total project costs.

The overall direction for an integrated system is established by the 2017 Kelowna Integrated Water Supply plan and will inform future phases.