Sewer rates

Effective May 6, 2019

Sewerage System User Bylaw 3480

Sewer Utility revenues are derived from a monthly user rate. Residential users who are customers of the City of Kelowna water utility shall pay a monthly or bi-monthly flat rate charge for each residential unit for the use of the sewerage system as follows:

Effective:May 6, 2018May 6, 2019
Flat rate per month$20.79$21.41
Bi-monthly rate$41.58$42.82

For residential users who are not customers of the City of Kelowna water utility, the same rates are charged but they are billed annually.

Commercial users that have a metered water supply shall pay a monthly or  bi-monthly base rate plus a consumption charge for use of the sewerage system calculated on the quantity of water delivered to the premises. The following rate shall apply for each one (1) cubic meter.


Effective May 2018

Effective May 2019
Metered base rate per month$11.36$11.70
Consumption Charge$0.94/m3$0.97/m3

For a complete listing of customer classes and applicable rates follow the Sewerage System User Bylaw 3480 link provided at the top of the page.