Crime Prevention

The Crime Prevention Unit seeks to increase community awareness about crime and safety issues and generate a sense of responsibility within every individual to take reasonable steps to reduce the risk of crime and victimization.

Safety and well-being of a neighbourhood is achieved when residents work in collaboration with one another, supported by community resources.

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Block Watch

Creates a partnership between police and citizens that draws on members of the community for help in preventing and reducing neighbourhood crime. It is a neighbour-helping-neighbour program that teaches citizens to secure their property, be aware of their surroundings, and report any suspicious activities to the police.

Child ID

Child Identification (Child ID) is a program made available to parents who wish to have a way of uniquely identifying their young children. Specially trained Community Policing volunteers will take the child’s fingerprints; these are turned over to the parents (the RCMP DO NOT keep a copy). The parents are encouraged to attach a current picture of the child (the latest school photo) to the fingerprints and store them in a safe place. Should the need to identify the child, (ie: abduction), be necessary, the fingerprints offer absolute proof as to the correct identity of the child.

Coordinated enforcement

Coordinated enforcement is a police-lead initiative intended to bring relevant partners together to discuss areas of concern associated to uncivil and criminal behaviour within the city and develop an integrated response plan to address the issues identified. Representatives from p0lice, bylaws, downtown business community, parks, parking, UBC-Okanagan and private security agencies work collaboratively to establish strategies to address issues negatively impacting the downtown core.

Frauds and scams

Anyone can become a victim of a fraud, scam or identity theft. There are many known types of scams and new ones created daily. The Crime Prevention Unit provides up to date information on common frauds and scams as well as offering basic steps to prevent victimization from these types of crimes.

Senior safety

The Crime Prevention Unit offers the Senior Contact program for individuals who live alone and do not have a caregiver checking in or visiting on a regular basis. At a predetermined time every day (usually between 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.), program participants will be called by telephone. The call will be brief – the intent is to ensure the person is okay.

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Partners for a healthy downtown

The Partners for a Healthy Downtown committee is a police-lead initiative established in June 2005 to address uncivil and criminal behaviour in Kelowna's downtown area. The committee is comprised of representatives from the downtown business community, local health authority, social service agencies and their associated outreach (street-level) workers along with police, bylaw and private security working downtown. The committee provides opportunities to build relationships resulting in greater collaboration and information sharing.

Speed watch

Kelowna RCMP in partnership with ICBC, operates the Speed Watch program. RCMP volunteers use portable radar equipment and flashing reader boards to provide drivers with instant feedback on how fast they are travelling. Data collected from the operations are provided to the RCMP and may form part of future enforcement actions. Data is also provided to the City to assist in traffic calming plans in neighbourhoods and town centres.

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