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Compost is rich, dark and it smells of the earth that it feeds. When you add compost to your soil, you add life.

We produce two different types of compost. Learn more by watching the video below, browsing the OgoGrow and GlenGrow webpages, or reading about the benefits of compost on this page.

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Benefits of compost
Mulch vs. soil

Mulch is a protective surface layer of material placed on top of the soil so that the native soil retains moisture. It imitates the layer of material that would naturally fall on the forest floor. OgoGrow is ideal. Not only does it help regulate moisture content, it provides important nutrients your plants need to thrive. It adds an attractive neat appearance to any garden or flower bed as well.

Soil amendment

Both GlenGrow and OgoGrow will improve the structure of your soil and can be safely applied to lawns, flower beds, vegetable gardens and shrubs.

Soil that has been amended with either of these two products resists compaction.

Depending on the pH of the compost and of the native soil, compost addition may raise or lower the soil/compost blend’s pH. Therefore, the addition of a neutral to slightly alkaline compost and an acidic soil will increase soil pH, when added in appropriate quantities. In specific conditions, compost has been found to affect soil pH even when applied at quantities as low as 10-20 tons per acre. The incorporation of compost also has the ability to buffer or stabilize soil pH, so it will more effectively resist pH change.

Increased nutrient retention

Compost will improve how well your soil retains nutrients. It is called the soil’s cation exchange capacity, which is how quickly the soil is leached of its minerals and nutrients. GlenGrow and OgoGrow will help your soil retain nutrients for a longer period. Improving the cation exchange capacity of sandy soils by adding compost can greatly improve the retention of plant nutrients in the root zone.

Provides nutrients

Both GlenGrow and OgoGrow are made up of a great variety of macro and micronutrients. They’re a good source of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. And since both GlenGrow and OgoGrow contain relatively stable sources of organic matter, these nutrients are supplied in a slow-release form. Compost not only provides some nutrition, but also often makes current fertilizing programs more effective.

Disease suppression

The incidence of diseases on many plants may be influenced by the level and type of organic matter and microorganisms that are present in soils. If you increase the amount of certain microorganisms, you are often able to suppress specific plant diseases. Well prepared composts such as OgoGrow and GlenGrow add life to soil and help balance microbial populations.