What is GlenGrow?

We make GlenGrow from plant materials like lawn trimmings and prunings which have been dropped off at the Glenmore and Westbank landfills by Central Okanagan residents. The plant material is processed to remove any metal or plastic, and then chipped. GlenGrow can be used as a top dressing or to amend the soil directly. Your flower and veggie gardens, lawns and shrubs will thrive with GlenGrow. 

Using GlenGrow compost will enhance the physical structure of your soil. It provides greater drought resistance, more efficient water utilization and can adjust the pH of your soil.

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How is GlenGrow made?

At the Glenmore Landfill, the composting process speeds up Mother Nature to create a top grade composted material and once it is refined, this compost can be used to condition your soil.

As things decompose, some of the original material turns to gas, while the remaining stabilized material becomes a crumbly, black substance called humus. Compost has always been produced by nature, we just speed things up by controlling the process of decomposition to make our superior GlenGrow end product.

The yard waste piles at the Glenmore Landfill have a natural balance of "green" and "brown" material so that the carbon-nitrogen ratio stays ideally around 30 to one. Water is added to bring the moisture level in the piles up to 65 per cent, perfect for composting. The storage piles, called windrows, are turned regularly to make sure there is always a supply of oxygen for the microbes that are hard at work. 

We take the temperatures of the piles every two weeks to make sure that decomposition is taking place on schedule. When the piles are ready they are screened to remove any chunks of wood larger than a half inch. 

Once the GlenGrow is screened to the proper size, it is available for sale on site at the Glenmore Landfill.