Explore your options at the Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery. Plan today to ensure you are well looked after at the time of need.

Pre-planning and purchasing one’s cemetery plot provides the assurance that your wishes for a particular option or location within our cemetery will be fulfilled. Should your needs change, our easy and convenient refund policy allow you to either update your decision or receive a refund.

Your first decision is whether you wish cremation or traditional burial. Some families may choose both. Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery can accommodate various wishes with options.

Cremation options include:
Legacy Garden niche

This option is for individuals or families. There are two categories of niches in Legacy Gardens. The companion niche can be used by an individual or with another person for a two urn capacity. A family niche will accommodate up to four urns.

Companion or family cremation burial plots

Companion Plots allow up to two interments, while Family Plots allow up to six individual family members who can be memorialized on a bronze family memorial with individual name plates.

Scattering Garden, Memorial Wall, Dilworth Mountain Scattering Trail and/or Stone Memorial Columns

Some families may wish for a ceremonial scattering within our garden or on our nature trail and honor their loved one with a bronze name plate on the wall or columns. Others may prefer to scatter the remains elsewhere, however wish to have a place for reflection within the cemetery by just having a memorial plaque placed onsite. Families can have a memorial plaque on site even if ashes have been scattered previously in another place. This way you can visit the cemetery and reflect and honor your loved ones in a serene and peaceful setting that is easy to visit.

Burial areas include:
Mausoleum crypt

An above ground compartment in the Legacy Gardens for a single casketed interment. This option includes a bronze name plate.

G7 Lawn crypt

An in-ground burial crypt that can accommodate two caskets. The crypt is double depth with the first interment at 8 feet and the subsequent interment at 6 feet. These plots also offer the option of two cremated remains burials above the crypt.

Family estate

A family estate is a large plot (4 metres by 4.5 metres), with fencing, granite bench, landscaping, and a memorial foundation that can accommodate a large upright memorial. The plot allows up to 20 family members with 2 double-depth lawn crypts for traditional burial and 8 companion in-ground cremation plots. This significant tribute may be used by a family or as an individual memorial.

Other options to be remembered by

Adopt a Tree provides an opportunity to give a living legacy and preserve our natural heritage. We have many different varieties of trees to select throughout the cemetery in memory of a loved one. An inscribed memory stone will be placed at the trunk of your adopted tree.

Benches at the cemetery can also be adopted.  A bronze marker will be added to the bench to memorialize your loved ones. If you see a bench you enjoy, please talk to us about adopting it. Note: this does not apply to the benches in the Legacy Gardens.

The Park Amenity Donation Program applies to all benches outside of the cemetery.  To find out more, call the main Parks office at 250-717-2757.

Please contact us when you are ready to schedule a service with the Cemetery. Whether it is a full burial or placing an urn in a niche, we are happy to assist with the process.