We understand and respect the need for families to honor loved ones interred at Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery through the placement of floral and non-floral offerings at gravesites.

Regulations regarding the placement and removal of offerings help preserve the aesthetic beauty of the park and ensure the safety of all who visit and maintain the grounds.


Flower placement

For all grass covered plots; only fresh-cut floral arrangements can be placed (during the cutting season) of March 16 to October 31.

Artificial flowers and or natural floral arrangements may be placed in these same areas November 1 to March 15.

All arrangements must be placed in approved permanent vase receptacles. No potted plants permitted. In upright marker sections of G1, G4 and G7, artificial floral arrangements are permitted year round if the marker has an approved vase permanently mounted on its base.

Within the Promontory Green Interment Garden, in-ground plots may have floral arrangements up to 18 inches in total width. For above ground interments, floral arrangements can be up to 12 inches high and 10 inches wide. Height is measured from the top of the vase receptacle.

The burning of incense, candles or other flammable products is strictly prohibited within the Cemetery grounds. Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery accepts no responsibility or liability for any items which are lost, stolen or removed by an act of vandalism.

Flower removal

Fresh-cut and artificial floral arrangements will be respectfully removed from interment sites when they become wilted, discoloured or unsightly.

Funeral flowers

Funeral flowers along with all other funeral items such as stands, baskets, frames and casket sprays, may be placed at the interment site the day of the service and will be left at the site until they become wilted, discoloured or unsightly. Family members should remove any memorial items they wish to keep at the conclusion of the graveside service.

Special occasion flowers

Family members and friends who would like to commemorate special days of their loved one's lives (such as date of birth) should notify Cemetery staff prior to placing floral arrangements. By doing so, these special adornments will not be disturbed during this time.

Non-floral items

Any non-floral arrangement items placed at any interment site, including but not limited to, ceramics, statuary, potted plants, fences, windmills, balloons, glass, baskets or stands, will be removed from the site immediately. Items attached to the mausoleum or columbarium facing, such as cards, photographs or wreaths will be removed as well.

Family and friends whose custom it is to place stones on the memorial markers of those who are interred at KMPC may do so. However, for safety reasons, all visitation stones will be removed prior to the next scheduled mowing.

For further information, please consult the Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery Bylaw.

Thank you for your cooperation and compliance to these policies. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Cemetery staff for assistance.