How to use OgoGrow

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OgoGrow Brochure

The secret of safely conditioning your soil is getting the right nutrients right to where you plants need them – at the roots. When you use OgoGrow you can do that easily. OgoGrow is a natural biosolid landscaping and garden product that includes the macro and micronutrients Okanagan plants need to thrive. Like we said, soil conditioned with OgoGrow holds water better. When you employ it in your yard or garden you can reduce runoff, stop erosion and cut down on the amount of watering required.

OgoGrow can be used to top dress lawns, mulch flower beds or be mixed right into the soil for excellent results. And using it is so easy. 

For new gardens or lawns: Mix 1 or 2 cm of OgoGrow with the top few cm of soil before planting.

Flower & Vegetable Gardens: Mix 1 cm of OgoGrow with the top few cm of soil. Plant flowers or sow seeds, then water in. Repeat every 3 years.

New Lawns - Seeding: Cover existing ground with 1 cm OgoGrow. Till in to the top layer of soil. Rake smooth and broadcast seeds as recommended. Use a roller to compact and then keep moist.

New Lawns - Sodding: Cover existing ground with 1 cm of OgoGrow. Till in to the top layer of soil. Rake smooth. Install new sod and keep moist.

For established lawns: Spread one-eighth to one-quarter inch of OgoGrow in late fall or early spring. Water well and aerate after applying for best results. 

As a mulch: Spread a 1 cm layer of compost over garden surfaces. Keep the mulch 4 or 5 cm away from the stems of plants and trees. Repeat every 3 years.

Lawn top dressing: Aerate and apply a ½-cm layer of finely screened compost. Over-seeding at the same time will help the lawn outgrow weeds naturally.

Pots and planters: Compost is a soil amendment and must be blended before use. Mix 4 parts soil to 1 part OgoGrow.