Prices & where to buy GlenGrow

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GlenGrow is produced at the Glenmore Landfill in Kelowna. You can buy it there in amounts that are convenient for you, from a bag to a truckload.

The retail price for GlenGrow at the Glenmore Landfill (loaded up to 4:00 pm):

$31.43 plus applicable taxes per yard
$4.19 plus applicable taxes per bag

Wholesale Prices for GlenGrow

Minimum purchase 5 yards*

Graduated Pricing Schedule 2019
(*effective Mar. 1, 2019)
Yards Purchased$/yd **
Less than 50$21.43
50 to 249$16.07
250 to 999$13.39
1,000 to 4,999$8.00
5,000 to 19,999$5.00
20,000 and up$2.50

* All yards must be picked up at time of purchase.

**Prices are subject to applicable taxes.

Download the current GlenGrow Price List